Wheat protein、oat bran、Resistant starch、

 Soy protein、Processing starch、cellulose、

 PH adjusting agent、emulsifier、Thickener

   (Alginic acid ester)、Gardenia dye(for Color

 tuning)、Processing starch(For noodle surface

   separation,not stick each other)


 We have 2 kinds of Delicarbo(Pasta)

 Fettuccine Type & Spaghetti Type




【nutritional values(100g)】

 Energy 105kcal

 Protein      9.5g

 Lipid    1.0g

 Carbohydrate  6.0g

 dietary fiber  16.9g

 natrium;sodium 240mg

 Solt 0.6g

   water 65.8g

   ash content 0.8g


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